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This bill establishes the "Secure Telecommunications Act of 2024".

The bill defines terms such as "critical telecommunications infrastructure", "telecommunications provider", "federally banned corporation" and "federal adversary". As specified in this bill, all critical telecommunications infrastructure located within or serving in the state shall:

(1) Be constructed not to include any equipment manufactured by a federally banned corporation nor any equipment banned at the federal level;

(2) Not include any equipment manufactured in or by a foreign adversary, a state-owned enterprise of a foreign adversary, or a company domiciled within a foreign adversary; and

(3) Have all equipment that is prohibited be removed and replaced with equipment that is not prohibited under the bill.

A telecommunications provider is required to file a registration form with and pay a registration fee to the Public Service Commission (PSC) before September 1, 2024, and then annually on January first. The PSC is granted administrative fining authority if a telecommunications provider violates the provisions of the bill or knowingly submits a false registration form with a fine no less than $100,000 per day and no greater that $1 million per day of noncompliance.

A telecommunications provider is prohibited from receiving state or local funds for the development or support of new or existing critical telecommunications infrastructure for noncompliance.

Statutes affected:
Introduced (4276H.01): 386.1500