SPONSOR: Appelbaum

This bill establishes the "Missouri Voter Fraud Prevention Act". A statewide system of automatic voter registration will be developed.

Information provided by a Missouri resident to the Department of Revenue, Department of Social Services, a local housing authority, an institution of the University of Missouri System, the Department of Labor, the Bureau of Vital Records, a local health department, or the Department of Corrections will be shared by that agency with the Secretary of State at least once monthly. The Secretary of State will use this to identify individuals who are eligible to vote but are not registered and send notice by mail to those individuals. Eligible voters will have 45 days to opt out of automatic registration, as provided in the bill.

This bill is the same as HB 318 (2023) and 2224 (2022).

Statutes affected:
Introduced (3798H.01): 115.175, 115.975