This bill allows a licensed health care professional to delegate any patient care task or duty to an employee who is not licensed to provide health care services if the employee possesses the appropriate training and experience to perform the services. The unlicensed employee can provide the patient care task or duty if:

(1) The health care professional does not delegate tasks that require the employee be licensed as a health care professional by statute or rule;

(2) The tasks performed by the unlicensed employee fall within the scope of practice of the health care professional;

(3) The employee does not present himself or herself as a licensed health care professional;

(4) The health care professional is available on the premises; and

(5) The delegation is not otherwise prohibited by law or by rule of the health care professional's licensing authority.

If the health care professional delegates tasks to an employee without the appropriate training and experience, the health care professional's license could face administrative action.

This bill is the same as HB 690 (2023) and HB 2379 (2022).

Statutes affected:
Introduced (3940H.01): 191.1130