SPONSOR: Clemens

This bill requires insurers that provide coverage for prescription insulin drugs to limit the total amount that an insured is required to pay for a 30 day supply of covered prescription insulin drugs to an amount not to exceed $100, regardless of the quantity or type of covered prescription insulin drug used to fill the insured's prescription. The $100 limit may be increased yearly by the insurer not to exceed a percentage equal to the percentage change from the preceding year in the medical care component of the Consumer Price Index of the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the United States Department of Labor.

The Department of Commerce and Insurance, in conjunction with the Department of Health and Senior Services and the Department of Social Services, must make a report available to the public of findings from each department as specified in the bill by November 2, 2024. This report requirement shall terminate on January 1, 2025.

This bill is similar to HB 552 (2023).

Statutes affected:
Introduced (3055H.01): 376.687, 376.689