COMMITTEE ACTION: Voted "Do Pass" by the Standing Committee on General Laws by a vote of 10 to 6. Voted "Do Pass" by the Standing Committee on Rules- Legislative Oversight by a vote of 5 to 3.

This concurrent resolution applies to the United States Congress, under the provisions of Article V of the United States Constitution, for the calling of a convention of the states for the limited purpose of proposing an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that limits the number of terms that a person may be elected to the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate. This application repeals and supercedes the application for an Article V Convention adopted by the General Assembly in SCR 37 (2020).

This bill is the same as SCR 8 (2021).

PROPONENTS: Supporters say that this bill renews a current House Concurrent Resolution that is set to expire soon. The Resolution is solely limited to term limits, which are important for removing long-standing control by limited individuals.

Testifying for the bill were Representative Basye; Arnie C. Dienoff; United for Missouri; and United States Term Limits.

OPPONENTS: Those who oppose the bill say that term limits will force good legislators out of office and there is no understanding of how a convention will practically work. Although this resolution is limited to term limits, there is no guarantee that a convention, once convened, will limit itself to one issue. This may result in disastrous and unintended consequences.

Testifying against the bill were Ed Martin, Phyllis Schlafly Eagles; American Civil Liberties Union of Missouri; Dan R. Sexson; and Dave Heim.

Written testimony has been submitted for this bill. The full written testimony can be found under Testimony on the bill page on the House website.