This bill establishes the "Missouri Food Security Task Force", which consists of 22 members, including two members appointed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the remaining members are specified in the bill. The Director of the Department of Agriculture is to ensure that the membership of the task force reflects the diversity of the state. Members serve without compensation but will be reimbursed for actual and necessary expenses while attending meetings of the Task Force.

The Task Force shall hold its first meeting within two months of the effective date of the bill. The mission of the Task Force is to determine the ability of individuals throughout the state to access healthy food and identify populations and areas in which access to food is limited or uncertain; identify ways to connect resources and individuals in an effort to ensure food security; evaluate the impact of tax increment financing projects and restrictive deed covenants imposed on grocery retailers on creating and prolonging food deserts; and evaluate the potential impacts of online food retail on food insecurity in the state.

The Task Force must report a summary of its activities and recommendations to the General Assembly before August 28, 2022 and terminates on January 1, 2023.

This bill is similar to HB 2108 (2020).

Statutes affected:
Introduced (1537H.02): 261.450