This bill defines "restraint" and "seclusion" and requires school districts, charter schools, or publicly contracted private providers to include in policy a prohibition on the use of restraint and seclusion, for any purpose other than situations or conditions in which there is imminent danger of physical harm to self or others. Any incident requiring restraint or seclusion shall be monitored by school personnel with written observation.

The bill requires that before July 1, 2022 each school district, and charter school, or publicly contracted private providers policy shall include:

(1) When to remove a child from restraint, seclusion, or isolation;

(2) Requirement for annual mandatory training;

(3) Reporting requirements for any occurrence of restraint, seclusion or isolation as outlined in the bill, including the reporting requirements for parental notification and giving a copy of each report to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE).

(4) Requirement that each school district, and charter school, or publicly contracted private provider annually review the continued use of restraint, seclusion, or isolation.

The bill provides protections for individuals that report or provide information about violations of policy under this section.

The bill requires DESE to compile and maintain all incidents reported under this section in the Department's Core Data System and make such data available on the Missouri Comprehensive Data System.

This bill is similar to HB 1568 and HB 1569 (2020).

Statutes affected:
Introduced (0221H.02): 160.263