This bill prohibits discrimination based upon a person's sexual orientation or gender identity. Such discrimination includes unlawful housing practices, denial of loans or other financial assistance, denial of membership into an organization relating to the selling or renting of dwellings, unlawful employment practices, and denial of the right to use public accommodations.

This bill changes the laws regarding complaints filed with the Missouri Commission on Human Rights by revising the definition of “discrimination” to include unfair treatment based on sexual orientation or gender identity. It specifies that discrimination includes any unfair treatment based on a person’s presumed or assumed characteristics. The bill defines "gender identity" and "sexual orientation."

This bill is the same as HB 846 (2017).

Statutes affected: 213.10, 213.30, 213.40, 213.45, 213.50, 213.55, 213.65, 213.70, 213.101