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Sponsor: Rep. Matt Koleszar
Committee: Education
Complete to 10-30-23
House Bill 5269 would amend several sections of the Revised School Code to require a
public school academy (PSA, also known as a charter school) to post certain information
on its website regarding salary. This requirement would also apply to an urban high school
academy, a strict discipline academy, and a school of excellence.
The required salary information would include:
• The average salary for new teachers and the average salary for veteran teachers
employed by a public school academy, urban high school academy, strict discipline
academy, or school of excellence or employed by an educational management
organization (EMO) and assigned to that school. If there are fewer than five new
teachers or five veteran teachers at the school, then the average salary for all
teachers employed by that school or employed by an EMO and assigned to the
school would have to be posted.
• The average salary for support staff employed by the school or employed by an
EMO and assigned to that school.
New teacher would mean an individual who has held a teaching certificate for less
than five years.
Veteran teacher would mean an individual who has held a teaching certificate for
five or more years.
Educational management organization would mean an entity that enters into an
agreement with the respective PSA type to provide comprehensive educational,
administrative, management, or instructional services or staff to that school.
Support staff would include at least student-facing paraprofessionals, food service
workers, bus drivers, and literacy coaches.
The bill would establish an annual deadline of November 1 to comply with these
The bill would take effect 90 days after the date it enacted.
MCL 380.504a et seq.
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Legislative Analyst: Josh Roesner
Fiscal Analyst: Noel Benson
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Statutes affected:
House Introduced Bill: 380.504