A bill to amend 1994 PA 451, entitled

"Natural resources and environmental protection act,"

by amending sections 3101, 3103, and 3115 (MCL 324.3101, 324.3103, and 324.3115), section 3101 as amended by 2015 PA 247, section 3103 as amended by 2005 PA 33, and section 3115 as amended by 2004 PA 143, and by adding section 3106c.

the people of the state of michigan enact:

Sec. 3101. As used in this part:

(a) "Aquatic nuisance species" means a nonindigenous species that threatens the diversity or abundance of native species or the ecological stability of infested waters, or commercial, agricultural, aquacultural, or recreational activities dependent on such waters.

(b) "Ballast water" means water and associated solids taken on board a vessel to control or maintain trim, draft, stability, or stresses on the vessel, without regard to the manner in which it is carried.

(c) "Ballast water treatment method" means a method of treating ballast water and sediments to remove or destroy living biological organisms through 1 or more of the following:

(i) Filtration.

(ii) The application of biocides or ultraviolet light.

(iii) Thermal methods.

(iv) Other treatment techniques approved by the department.

(d) "Bond" means a financial instrument guaranteeing performance, including a surety bond from a surety company authorized to transact business in this state, a certificate of deposit, a cash bond, an irrevocable letter of credit, an insurance policy, or a combination of any of these instruments in favor of the department.

(e) "Certificate of deposit" means a negotiable certificate of deposit that meets all of the following requirements:

(i) Is negotiable.

(ii) Is held by a bank or other financial institution regulated and examined by a state or federal agency.

(iii) Is fully insured by an agency of the United States government.

(iv) Is in the sole name of the department.

(v) Has a maturity date of not less than 1 year.

(vi) Is renewed not later than 60 days before the maturity date.

(f) (d) "Department" means the department of environmental quality.environment, Great Lakes, and energy.

(g) (e) "Detroit consumer price index" Consumer Price Index" means the most comprehensive index of consumer prices available for the Detroit area from the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics.

(h) (f) "Emergency management coordinator" means that term as defined in section 2 of the emergency management act, 1976 PA 390, MCL 30.402.

(i) "Escrow account" means an account that is managed by a bank or other financial institution whose account operations are regulated and examined by a federal or state agency and that complies with section 11523b.

(j) (g) "Great Lakes" means the Great Lakes and their connecting waters, including Lake St. Clair.

(k) (h) "Group 1 facility" means a facility whose discharge is described by R 323.2218 of the Michigan administrative code.Administrative Code.

(l) (i) "Group 2 facility" means a facility whose discharge is described by R 323.2210(y), R 323.2215, or R 323.2216 of the Michigan administrative code. Administrative Code. Group 2 facility does not include a Group 2a facility.

(m) (j) "Group 2a facility" means a facility whose discharge is described by R 323.2210(y) or R 323.2215 of the Michigan administrative code Administrative Code and that meets 1 or more of the following:

(i) The facility's discharge is from a coin-operated laundromat.

(ii) The facility's discharge is from a car wash or vehicle wash open to the public.

(iii) The facility's discharge is a sub