house resolution no.414

The Speaker, on behalf of the entire membership of the House of Representatives, offered the following resolution:

A resolution of tribute for the Honorable Richard M. Steenland.

Whereas, It is with gratitude that we recognize Representative Richard M. Steenland for his work on behalf of the citizens of Michigan and, in particular, his constituents in the Twenty-second District. Throughout his tenure in the House, his hard work has benefited not only the people of the cities of Roseville and Warren, but all of Michigan   s citizens; and

Whereas, A lifelong Roseville resident, Representative Steenland chose to stay in the community that he loved while establishing a career and raising a family. From a young age, his parents, a father who was a Roseville Police Officer and President of the Roseville Community Schools    Board of Education, and a mother who was a stay-at-home caretaker, instilled in Representative Steenland a sense of community pride, hard work, and duty for civic engagement. Today he honors his parents    legacy through the funding of a scholarship in their honor. Throughout his life and career, Representative Steenland has always tried to embody these values to create a better community. He graduated from Roseville Brablec High School in 1979, received an associate   s degree in general studies from Macomb Community College, and attended Oakland University. Representative Steenland raised three children, Ricky, Anna, and Julia, and is a proud grandfather to Beckham and Beau; and

Whereas, Throughout his career, Representative Steenland has continued to serve his community. He has served as a court administrative aide; Friend of the Court Investigator; alternate union steward in UAW Local 889; on the Roseville City Council; and as President of the Macomb County Clerks Association. He is most proud of his time as the Roseville City Clerk, when he administered over thirty elections; oversaw the hiring of over two hundred police and fire employees; trained over two hundred and seventy-five election inspectors; oversaw the licensing of over fourteen-hundred new businesses; and maintained transparency by being one of the first cities in Macomb County to submit election results to the public. He also volunteers with the Warren-Sterling Heights Elks Club, the Roseville Optimist Club, the Roseville Goodfellows, and the Roseclair Eagles; and

Whereas, Since his election to the House of Representatives in 2020, Representative Steenland   s proudest achievements have come from being a strong advocate for all of his constituents, and working in a bi-partisan manner to make Michigan a better place. Representative Steenland served with distinction as a member of the House committees on Insurance; Regulatory Reform; and Military, Veterans and Homeland Security. During his tenure, he worked in a bipartisan manner to provide additional support to police, fire fighters, military members, and veterans. He also worked to make historic investments in education and economic development. His dedication and integrity stand as a clear example of what it takes to be a successful public servant and strong leader; now, therefore, be it

Resolved by the House of Representatives, That we offer this expression of tribute to commend and thank the Honorable Richard M. Steenland for his notable contributions to this legislative body and to our state; and be it further

Resolved, That copies of this resolution be transmitted to Representative Richard M. Steenland as evidence of our appreciation and best wishes as he leaves this legislative body.