HB6369: SUMMARY OF DISCHARGED BILL (Senate-passed version) (Date Completed: 11-30-22) - AUTO. MOTOR VEHICLE NET.; MODIFY

AUTO. MOTOR VEHICLE NET.; MODIFY                                                                                           H.B. 6369:

                                                                                                                                        SUMMARY OF DISCHARGED BILL











House Bill 6369 (as discharged)                                                                       (Senate-passed version)

Sponsor:   Representative Mike Harris

House Committee:   Transportation

Senate Committee:   Transportation and Infrastructure (discharged)




The bill would amend the Michigan Vehicle Code to extend, from December 31, 2022, to December 31, 2027, the prohibition on a local unit of government's imposing a local fee, registration, franchise, or regulation on an on-demand automated motor vehicle network.


"On-demand automated motor vehicle network" means a digital network or software application used to connect passengers to automated motor vehicles, not including commercial motor vehicles, in participating fleets for transportation between points chosen by passengers, for transportation between locations chosen by the passenger when the automated motor vehicle is operated by the automated driving system.


MCL 257.606b                                                                               Legislative Analyst:   Tyler P. VanHuyse




The bill would have no fiscal impact on the State. The bill could limit the ability of local governments to generate fee revenue for on-demand automated motor vehicle networks; however, these networks are not yet ready for local implementation. Any lost fee revenue for local governments likely would be minor and applicable only to those local governments that are prepared with the supporting infrastructure for those networks.


Date Completed:  11-30-22                                                             Fiscal Analyst:   Michael Siracuse





This analysis was prepared by nonpartisan Senate staff for use by the Senate in its deliberations and does not constitute an official statement of legislative intent.


Statutes affected:
House Introduced Bill: 257.606
As Passed by the House: 257.606
As Passed by the Senate: 257.606
House Concurred Bill: 257.606
Public Act: 257.606
House Enrolled Bill: 257.606