SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT                                                                                                                             H.B. 4454-4461:

                                                                                                                                                                SUMMARY OF DISCHARGED BILL











House Bill 4454 (as discharged)

House Bill 4455 (as discharged)

House Bill 4456 (Substitute H-1 as discharged)

House Bill 4457 (Substitute H-1 as discharged)

House Bill 4458 (as discharged)

House Bill 4459 (as discharged)

House Bill 4460 (Substitute H-1 as discharged)

House Bill 4461 (Substitute H-1 as discharged)

Sponsor:   Representative Gary Howell (H.B. 4454)

                            Representative Sara Cambensy (H.B. 4455)

                           Representative William J. Sowerby (H.B. 4456)

                            Representative Yousef Rabhi (H.B. 4457)

                            Representative Jack O'Malley (H.B. 4458)

                            Representative David W. Martin (H.B. 4459)

                            Representative Scott VanSingel (H.B. 4460)

                            Representative Joe Tate (H.B. 4461)

House Committee:   Natural Resources and Outdoor Recreation

Senate Committee:   Regulatory Reform (discharged)




House Bill 4454 would amend the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act (NREPA) to designate Sections 11501 through Sections 11508 as Subpart 1 (General and Definitions) of Part 115 (Solid Waste Management) and would add and modify various terms and definitions.


House Bill 4455 would amend NREPA to do the following:


 --       State that optimizing recycling opportunities, including electronics recycling opportunities and the reuse of materials would be the principal objective of the State's solid waste management plan.

 --       Specify that it would be the goal of the State to achieve a 45% municipal solid waste recycling rate, with an interim step of 30% by 2029 through benchmark recycling standards.

 --       Prohibit a person from disposing, storing, or transporting solid waste in the State unless he or she complied with Part 115 (Solid Waste Management).

 --       Modify provisions that allow a person to operate a material management facility.

 --       Add and modify various terms and definitions.


House Bill 4456 (H-1) would amend NREPA to designate Sections 11510 to 11512 as Subpart 2 (Disposal Areas) and Section 11521b as Subpart 3 (Waste Diversion Centers) of Part 115, and to do the following:


 --       Specify that current provisions applying to disposal areas would not apply to a solid waste processing and transfer facility or an incinerator that did not comply with the construction permit and operating license requirements of Subpart 2.

 --       Increase construction permit application fees and operating licenses application fees for various types of landfills.

 --       Prohibit the Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) from licensing a landfill or coal ash impoundment unless it had an approved hydrogeological monitoring program and the owner or operator had provided EGLE with the monitoring results.