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Complete to 11-9-20
House Bill 6292 would amend the Mental Health Code to codify two competitive substance
use disorder recovery grant programs that have been included in the Department of Health and
Human Services (DHHS) annual budget for the past two fiscal years.
The first grant program would award up to $150,000 per applicant to high schools specifically
designated for students recovering from a substance use disorder. The high school would use
the grant funding to support the costs of counselors, therapeutic staff, and recovery coaching
staff. As part of the grant application process, DHHS would have to place a priority based on
the applicant's cost of providing substance use disorder counselors.
The second grant program would award up to $150,000 per applicant to recovery community
organizations. The recovery community organization would use the grant funding to offer or
expand recovery support center services or recovery community center services to individuals
seeking long-term substance use disorder recovery. As part of the grant application process,
DHHS would have to place a priority on recovery community organizations that provide all of
the following:
• Support navigation, including:
o Multiple recovery pathways.
o Assistance with navigating multiple recovery resources.
o Promotion of community wellness and engagement.
o Recovery advocacy.
o Peer supports.
• Outreach education, including:
o Workplace recovery education.
o All-staff employee meetings.
o On-site support for employees and family members.
o Employee connections to local recovery resources.
o Employer connections to provide recovery advocacy.
• Recovery activities, including:
o Safe, ongoing activities and events.
o Volunteer opportunities.
o Family member and supporter involvement.
o Nutrition, health, and wellness meetings.
o Mindfulness, meditation, and yoga meetings.
Proposed MCL 330.1273a and 330.1273b
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The fiscal impact of the bill would depend on the amount of funds the legislature makes
available for these competitive grant programs through the annual appropriations process. The
current FY 2020-21 DHHS budget includes $1.2 million GF/GP for the two programs, with
$600,000 allocated to each.
Fiscal Analyst: Kevin Koorstra
■ This analysis was prepared by nonpartisan House Fiscal Agency staff for use by House members in their
deliberations, and does not constitute an official statement of legislative intent.
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Statutes affected:
House Introduced Bill: 330.1001, 330.2106