This bill provides for open primary elections for the elections for Governor. All of the candidates for that office, including candidates enrolled in a party and unenrolled
41 candidates, must appear on the same open primary ballot. All qualified voters, regardless
42 of enrollment status, are eligible to vote in open primary elections. The votes in an open primary election must be tabulated using ranked-choice voting, except that the 2 candidates who receive the most votes are declared the winners of the open primary. The names of the winners of an open primary must appear on the ballot for the general election. If one of the candidates who received the most votes at the open primary dies or becomes disqualified before the general election, that candidate's name must remain on the ballot and the voters must be notified that a vote for that candidate will be counted and, if that candidate is declared the winner of the election, a vacancy will be declared at the beginning of the term for which the candidate was elected. Voters may not vote for a write-in candidate in a general election that was preceded by an open primary election.

Statutes affected:
Bill Text LD 1991, HP 1274: 21-A.1, 21-A.144, 21-A.321, 21-A.334, 21-A.336, 21-A.338, 21-A.340, 21-A.351, 21-A.354, 21-A.355, 21-A.361, 21-A.367, 21-A.371, 21-A.374, 21-A.376, 21-A.601, 21-A.651, 21-A.673, 21-A.692, 21-A.722, 21-A.723, 21-A.732, 21-A.759, 21-A.812, 21-A.825, 21-A.843