In Resolve 2003, chapter 93, the State Planning Office was authorized to acquire and cause to be operated a solid waste disposal facility in the City of Old Town. Pursuant to an agreement entered into with the paper mill located in Old Town, the State agreed to provide certain commitments and benefits to the owner of the paper mill in connection with the operation of the landfill either directly or through any operator authorized by the State to operate the landfill. This resolve requires the Department of Administrative and Financial Services to investigate and determine whether the State is providing the owner of the paper mill in Old Town the benefits as required by the agreement. If the department determines that the agreed-upon benefits are not being provided, the department is required to take necessary action to ensure the receipt of those benefits. The resolve requires the department to report the results of its investigation to the Joint Standing Committee on Environment and Natural Resources within 30 days of the effective date of the resolve and to report again by January
15, 2024 regarding any action the department needed to take to ensure receipt of the benefits by the owner of the paper mill.