Establishing a fee of $14 to be collected once every 2 years on each motor vehicle registered in the State that is granted a waiver from, exempted from, or not subject to the Vehicle Emissions Inspection Program; and requiring the fee to be deposited in the Maryland Strategic Energy Investment Fund and used to provide rebates on the sale of electric vehicles, purchase electric vehicles, and expand electric vehicle infrastructure.

Statutes affected:
Text - First - Vehicle Emissions Inspection Program - Not Subject to Inspection - Fee: 23-206.2 Transportation, 13-616 Transportation, 23-202 Transportation, 23-205.1 Transportation, 23-202 Transportation, 23-202 Transportation, 23-206 Transportation, 23-206.1 Transportation, 23-206.2 Transportation, 7-207.2 State Government, 23-205.1 State Government