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June 7, 2024
Jason Rives, Superintendent
Worcester County House of Corrections and Jail
5 Paul X. Tivnan Drive
West Boylston, MA 01583 (electronic copy)
Re: Plan of Correction - Worcester County House of Corrections and Jail, West Boylston
Dear Superintendent Rives:
The Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Community Sanitation Program (CSP) has received your Plan of
Correction in response to my inspection on April 5 and 8, 2024. After review, the CSP finds the plan appropriately
addresses all the violations noted in the report with the following exceptions:
1. Please indicate if:
a. The mouse droppings in the Main Kitchen have been removed and areas have been properly
cleaned and sanitized; and
b. The final rinse temperature on the warewash machine is now in compliance.
2. The time frame to correct all hot water temperatures appears excessive, the CSP would like these violations
corrected within a shorter time frame.
3. Your Plan of Correction (POC) does not provide a date of completion for work which requires DCAMM
funding and indicates several projects are pending funding. While the CSP understands you do not have
control over DCAMM’s allotment of funds, we cannot approve any item that does not identify a reasonable
time frame for repair. The CSP remains concerned with the uncorrected violations and asks you to provide a
plan describing the interim measures you have implemented to ensure the health and safety of inmates and
staff. In addition, we ask to be kept apprised of the DCAMM funding progress.
4. In regard to the issue of overcrowding, the CSP appreciates the limitations of correctional facilities and the
need to accommodate the ever-increasing population; however we remain concerned with the overcrowded
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Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter, should you have any questions please contact me at the address
listed above.
Amy Medeiros
Environmental Health Inspector, CSP, BCEH
cc: Robert Goldstein, MD, PhD, Commissioner, DPH
Nalina Narain, Director, BCEH
Steven Hughes, Director, CSP, BCEH
Kathleen E. Walsh, Secretary, Executive Office of Health and Human Services (electronic copy)
Carol A. Mici, Commissioner, DOC (electronic copy)
Terrence Reidy, Secretary, EOPSS (electronic copy)
Brianna Arruda, Director, Policy Development and Compliance Unit (electronic copy)
Noe Bard, Environmental Health and Safety Officer (electronic copy)
Terrance Ward, Fire Safety Officer (electronic copy)
Margaret Lee, Administrative Assistant, West Boylston Board of Health (electronic copy)
Clerk, Massachusetts House of Representatives (electronic copy)
Clerk, Massachusetts Senate (electronic copy)
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