HB 972 2024 Regular Session Deshotel
LICENSING: Allows the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners to grant certain
temporary permits and licenses.
Proposed law permits the La. State Board of Medical Examiners (LSBME) to grant an
international medical graduate a license to practice medicine in the state if the graduate
satisfies all of following criteria:
(1) Has been granted a medical doctorate or substantially similar degree by an
international medical program of good standing.
(2) Is in good standing with the medical licensing or regulatory institution of the
individual's licensing country.
(3) Has completed a residency or substantially similar post-graduate medical training or
practiced as a medical professional performing the duties of a physician.
(4) Is a citizen of the United States or Canada or legally entitled to live or work in the
United States and possesses basic fluency in the English language.
(5) Has submitted sufficient evidence to the LSBME that the applicant has an offer for
employment as a physician.
Proposed law provides that an international medical graduate who is granted a license
pursuant to proposed law shall only provide medical services at a facility owned or operated
by a hospital licensed by the state until completion of two years from the date of original
Proposed law permits the LSBME to revoke a license issued pursuant to proposed law based
upon certain findings.
Proposed law provides that the LSBME shall promulgate any rules and regulations necessary
to effectuate proposed law.
(Adds R.S. 37:1275.2)
Summary of Amendments Adopted by Senate
Committee Amendments Proposed by Senate Committee on Health and Welfare to
the engrossed bill
1. Changes "temporary permit" to "license".
2. Makes technical changes.
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Prepared by Amanda Trapp.