SB 186 2024 Regular Session Seabaugh
Proposed law would have specified interruptions of continuous service which would have
included the following:
(1) The removal, or suspension without pay, of a judge by the Louisiana Supreme Court
or resignation of a judge.
(2) The nonreelection of a judge for a subsequent term of office.
(3) The taking of a leave of absence by a judge for 30 days or more within any 12 month
period of time without the agreement of the judges. However, the taking of a leave
of absence by a judge for medically necessary reasons shall not interrupt continuous
Proposed law would have provided that if a judge is reinstated, reelected, or returns to work
from a leave of absence of 30 days or more, continuous service shall commence anew.
Proposed law would have provided that a leave of absence by a judge for less than 30 days
shall not be an interruption of continuous service, but the number of days on leave of absence
shall not be credited towards a judge's amount of years in continuous service.
Would have become effective August 1, 2024.
(Proposed to add R.S. 13:1878(C))
"Please be advised that I have vetoed Senate Bill 186 of the 2024 Regular Session. This bill
specifies conditions under which a judge's continuous service is interrupted to determine the
chief judge of a city court.
The role of chief judge can include many administrative duties, and, therefore, it is common
for a court to rotate the role of chief judge. Selecting the chief judge of a court should lie
within the purview of the judicial branch and the individual court. For these reasons, Senate
Bill 186 will not become law."

Statutes affected:
SB186 Original: 13:1878(B)
SB186 Engrossed: 13:1878(B)