Abstract: Creates the Tall Timbers Crime Prevention and Improvement District in Orleans Parish.
Proposed law creates the Tall Timbers Crime Prevention and Improvement District in Orleans Parish
for the purpose of aiding in crime prevention for district residents and their property and serving the
needs of residents of the district by funding beautification and other activities and improvements for
the overall betterment of the district and the quality of life of its residents. Provides for district
boundaries. Provides that the district shall be governed by a nine-member board of commissioners
composed of the president and treasurer of the Tall Timbers Owners Assoc. and seven other
members appointed by the board of the association. Requires that board members be residents of
the district and members in good standing of the Tall Timbers Owners Assoc.
Proposed law provides for the powers and duties of the district.
Proposed law authorizes the governing authority of New Orleans, subject to voter approval, to
impose and collect a parcel fee within the district. Provides that the parcel fee shall not exceed $230
per year per parcel for the first two years and $250 per year per parcel for any subsequent year.
Provides that the initial term for the imposition of the parcel fee is five years but authorizes renewal,
subject to voter approval, for terms not to exceed five years.
Proposed law requires that the fee be collected in the same manner and at the same time as ad
valorem taxes. Authorizes the city to retain 1% of the amount collected.
Proposed law requires the district's board to adopt an annual budget in accordance with present law
(R.S. 39:1301 et seq.) and provides that the district shall be subject to audit by the legislative auditor.
Proposed law provides that it is the purpose and intent of proposed law that the additional law
enforcement personnel and services provided for through the fees authorized by proposed law shall
be supplemental to, and not in lieu of, personnel and services provided in the district by the state or
the city. Further provides that if the district ceases to exist, funds of the district shall be transmitted
to the city of New Orleans, and such funds, together with other funds collected pursuant to proposed
law, shall be maintained in a separate account and shall be used only to promote, encourage, and
enhance the security of the area included in the district.
(Adds R.S. 33:9091.28)
Summary of Amendments Adopted by House
The Committee Amendments Proposed by House Committee on Municipal, Parochial and
Cultural Affairs to the original bill:
1. Change provisions for maximum parcel fee from $280 initial maximum, with 10%
increase each year to a maximum of $360 to $230 for first two years and $250 thereafter.