Abstract: Relative to the classified police service in Morgan City, changes the method of
appointment for filling vacancies in the promotional class.
Present constitution creates a fire and police civil service system applicable to municipalities of over
13,000 in population and parishes and fire protection districts. Provides that the system is subject
to Art. XIV, ยง15.1 of the 1921 Constitution made statutory by the 1974 Constitution. Present law
creates and provides for two fire and police civil service systems: (1) one applicable to any
municipality which operates paid police and fire departments and which has a population of not
fewer than 13,000 persons; and (2) one applicable to any parish, fire protection district, or
municipality with a population of fewer than 13,000, but not fewer than 7,000 persons.
Proposed law retains present constitution and present law.
Present law, relative to both systems, provides that "departmental seniority" refers to the period of
continuous employment in the department. Defines "promotional seniority" to mean the total
cumulative employment in a class of positions of the next lower class from which a promotion is to
be made. Specifies further relative to employment counted toward seniority in the next lower class.
Present law, relative to both systems, provides that a municipal fire and police civil service board
is created in the parish, municipal, and fire protection district government. Requires the board to
establish and maintain employment lists containing the names of persons eligible for appointment
to various classes of positions in the classified service. Requires that names of persons attaining a
passing score on a promotion test be placed on the promotion employment list for the tested class,
from highest to lowest, according to departmental seniority.
Present law requires that vacant positions be filled by reinstatement or reemployment. If the position
cannot be filled in this manner, then the position must be filled by the person on the promotion list
with the greatest departmental seniority. Present law provides exceptions for certain police
departments, including a specific exception for police departments in the cities of Broussard,
Carencro, Rayne, Scott, and Youngsville. Present law requires the appointing authorities in those
cities to select and appoint to any vacancy a person who is among the three highest in departmental
Proposed law retains present law and additionally makes present law exception for the cities of
Broussard, Carencro, Rayne, Scott, and Youngsville applicable to the police department in Morgan
(Adds R.S. 33:2554(C)(4))