HB 47 2024 Regular Session Edmonston
VACCINES/VACCINATION: Requires that communication issued about
immunization requirements include exemption information and applies exemptions not
only to students seeking to enter school but also to students attending school.
Present law requires each person entering any school (licensed day care centers and
elementary, secondary, and postsecondary schools) for the first time to present satisfactory
evidence of immunity to or immunization against vaccine-preventable diseases according to
a schedule approved by the office of public health or to present evidence of an immunization
program in progress. Exempts a student seeking to enter any such school or facility from this
requirement if he submits a written statement from a doctor relative to medical
contraindication or a written dissent.
Proposed law further:
(1) Applies the exemption not only to students seeking to enter school but also to
students attending school.
(2) Requires that any communication issued to students or their parents or guardians
relative to immunization requirements include the text and legal citation of the
exemption provision.
Proposed law provides that a governmental entity or business cannot implement, order, or
impose a mandate requiring a person to wear a face covering to prevent the spread of
COVID-19, with certain exceptions.
(Amends R.S. 17:170(E), adds R.S. 40:1125.42)
Summary of Amendments Adopted by House
The House Floor Amendments to the engrossed bill:
1. Add requirement that the written dissent authorized by present law include
written verification that the child has been examined by a physician.
Summary of Amendments Adopted by Senate
Committee Amendments Proposed by Senate Committee on Education to the
reengrossed bill
1. Removes language requiring written verification include that a child has been
examined by a physician.
2. Exempts students who are distant learners.
3. Inserts a provision that provides relative to COVID-19 mandates, masks, and
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Prepared by Mary Francis Aucoin.

Statutes affected:
HB47 Original: 17:170(E)
HB47 Engrossed: 17:170(E)
HB47 Reengrossed: 17:170(E)