ACT 63 (HB 191) 2023 Regular Session Jefferson
Existing law provides generally for the powers and duties of the State Bd. of Elementary and
Secondary Education (BESE) regarding teacher certification and provides requirements for
certification. Provides as follows with respect to the teaching of reading:
(1) Requires an applicant for certification who participates in a traditional undergraduate
teacher preparation program to complete the number of semester hours in the
teaching of reading prescribed by BESE policy in accordance with the level of
certification to be awarded.
(2) An applicant for certification who participates in an alternate teacher preparation
program may either complete the same number of semester hours required of
applicants from traditional programs or possess the reading and literacy competencies
identified in scientifically based reading research at the national level and approved
by BESE for the teaching of reading.
New law provides that applicants who participate in traditional programs have the same
options as applicants who participate in alternate programs.
Existing law provides for the crediting of certain teaching experience with respect to the
certification process. Provides that an applicant for a regular teacher certificate who holds
an out-of-state teaching certificate, who has at least three years of out-of-state teaching
experience, and who receives a successful evaluation according to BESE policy may be
credited with his out-of-state teaching experience. New law makes this provision applicable
to an applicant with in-state, nonpublic school teaching certification and experience.
New law adds that a teacher providing instruction in a public school but not employed by the
public school governing authority may be credited with his years of teaching experience only
if he is performing services for the school pursuant to a corporate contract with a company
approved by BESE to provide such services and he receives a successful evaluation
according to BESE policy.
New law further requires BESE to prescribe, by rule, the process for the evaluations required
by such existing law and new law.
Effective upon signature of governor (June 6, 2023).
(Amends R.S. 17:7.1(A)(4) and 3886(B))

Statutes affected:
HB191 Original: 17:1(A)(4), 17:3886(B)
HB191 Engrossed: 17:1(A)(4), 17:3886(B)
HB191 Enrolled: 17:1(A)(4), 17:3886(B)
HB191 Act 63: 17:1(A)(4), 17:3886(B)