ACT 517 (HB 865) 2022 Regular Session Nelson
Existing law requires that textbooks used to teach students to read be high-quality, fully
aligned to state content standards, and based on literacy strategies that are scientifically
researched with proven results in teaching phonological awareness, letter formation, phonics,
decoding, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. New law additionally prohibits use of
textbooks that employ any of the following in reading instruction:
(1) The three-cueing system model of reading.
(2) Visual memory as the primary basis for teaching word recognition.
(3) The three-cueing system model of reading based on meaning, structure and syntax,
and visual.
Effective August 1, 2022.
(Amends R.S. 17:24.10(A)(4))

Statutes affected:
HB865 Original: 17:10(A)(4)
HB865 Engrossed: 17:10(A)(4)
HB865 Enrolled: 17:10(A)(4)
HB865 Act : 17:10(A)(4)