ACT 670 (SB 298) 2022 Regular Session Barrow
New law requires the Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) to conduct an annual review
of all medications and forms of treatment for sickle cell disease and services for enrollees
with a diagnosis of sickle cell disease that are eligible for coverage under the La. Medicaid
program. New law further requires LDH to determine if the available covered medications,
treatments, and services are adequate to meet the needs of enrollees or whether LDH should
seek to add additional medications, treatments, or services.
New law requires LDH to submit an annual report to the Senate Committee on Finance, the
House Committee on Appropriations, and the Senate and House committees on health and
welfare that details LDH's findings from the annual review, as well as any recommendations
to the legislature based upon those findings. New law also requires LDH to publish the
annual report on its website in a manner accessible by the general public.
New law shall be known as "Lorri Burgess' Law".
Effective August 1, 2022.
(Adds R.S. 40:2018.3.1)