HB 550 2022 Regular Session Emerson
SCHOOLS/CHARTER: Provides relative to learning pods established by charter
Present law (R.S. 17:3996), relative to charter schools, provides for the chartering and
approval process.
Present law (R.S. 17:4036.1) authorizes each public school governing authority to establish
learning pods as an extension of a school under its jurisdiction. Defines "learning pod" as a
group of at least 10 students enrolled in the school who receive instruction in a small group
Proposed law retains present law.
Proposed law allows Type 2 charter schools to establish learning pods:
(1) Authorizes choice of location of learning pod site, however prohibits establishment
of such pods in A or B rated school districts.
(2) Requires notification to charter authorizer within 30 days of establishment of learning
(Adds R.S. 17:3996(I))
Summary of Amendments Adopted by Senate
Committee Amendments Proposed by Senate Committee on Education to the
engrossed bill
1. Limits authority to only Type 2 charter schools.
2. Prohibits such charter school pods from being located in certain school
3. Removes language relative to conditions placed on such charter school pods.
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Prepared by Cheryl Serrett.