ACT 729 (HB 249) 2022 Regular Session Wright
Existing law (R.S. 44:1 et seq.-Public Records Law) provides that all books, records,
writings, accounts, letters and letter books, maps, drawings, photographs, cards, tapes,
recordings, memoranda, and papers, and all copies, duplicates, photographs, including
microfilm, or other reproductions thereof, or any other documentary materials, regardless of
physical form or characteristics, including information contained in electronic data
processing equipment, having been used, being in use, or prepared, possessed, or retained
for use in the conduct, transaction, or performance of any business, transaction, work, duty,
or function which was conducted, transacted, or performed by or under the authority of the
constitution or laws of the state, or by or under the authority of any ordinance, regulation,
mandate, or order of any public body or concerning the receipt or payment of any money
received or paid by or under the authority of the constitution or the laws of the state are
"public records". Existing law establishes a framework for the ready availability of public
records to requesting persons and specifically provides that it is the duty of the custodian of
the public records of a public entity or agency to provide copies to persons so requesting.
Provides for certain exceptions, exemptions, and limitations.
New law provides that blueprints, floor plans, and renderings of the interior of a port facility
or of a facility on port property and blueprints, plans, or renderings of port infrastructure are
confidential and not subject to inspection, examination, copying, or reproduction pursuant
to existing law.
New law provides that new law does not prohibit the disclosure of a blueprint, floor plan, or
other rendering of the interior of a port facility or of a facility on port property or a blueprint,
plan, or rendering of port infrastructure to appropriate persons, if such disclosure is necessary
or required for specified purposes.
Effective upon signature of governor (June 6, 2022).
(Amends R.S. 44:4.1(B)(21); Adds R.S. 34:3499.2)

Statutes affected:
HB249 Original: 44:1(B)(21)
HB249 Engrossed: 44:1(B)(21)
HB249 Enrolled: 44:1(B)(21)
HB249 Act : 44:1(B)(21)