Abstract: Revises school discipline laws.
Present law provides relative to student discipline. Proposed law provides a comprehensive revision
of present law, applicable to all public schools, including charter schools.
Specific changes include the following:
(1) Requires school boards to adopt student codes of conduct and generally requires that students
be disciplined for violations of such codes rather than for a list of specific behaviors defined
by law. Requires that such codes of conduct include progressive levels of minor through
major infractions and identify corresponding minor through major interventions and
(2) Provides additional disciplinary measures a principal may implement before returning a
student to the class room.
(3) Provides that conferences with parents may be held by telephone or virtual means.
(4) Makes present law requirements for discussions with the student and parents prior to a
suspension also applicable to assignment to alternative placements and expulsions.
(5) Present law prohibits readmission to school of a student who damaged school property until
payment has been made for the damage. Proposed law makes the provision applicable to
damage to any property on school grounds or owned by an employee or student. Proposed
law also authorizes readmission of the student if alternative restitution or an alternative
payment plan has been arranged.
(6) Relative to students carrying knives, increases the minimum length of a knife blade for which
suspension is required from two to two and one-half inches.
(7) Requires prescription medicines be carried in their original packaging.
(8) Requires that expulsion hearings be held within 15 school days.
(9) Limits the length of certain expulsions for criminal behavior to the student's period of
adjudication as determined by a court.
(10) Requires the Dept. of Education to publish data on disciplinary removals.
(Amends R.S. 17:416 and 3996(B)(40))

Statutes affected:
HB411 Original: 17:3996(B)(40)