Abstract: Provides for the appointment, rather than election, of the police chief of Dodson.
Present law (R.S. 33:381) provides that the officers of every municipality governed by the provisions
of the Lawrason Act (mayor-board of aldermen form of government) shall be a mayor, aldermen, a
chief of police, a tax collector, and a clerk. Generally provides for election, at large, of the police
chief. Provides for appointment of a police chief in certain specified municipalities.
Present law (R.S. 33:381.1 and 381.2) alternately provides that the office of police chief shall be
filled by mayoral appointment with approval of the board of aldermen if a majority of the municipal
electors approve the change. Provides for an election on the question only upon petition directed to
the board of aldermen and signed by at least 25% of such electors. However, in a municipality with
a population of 5,000 or fewer, authorizes calling such an election upon adoption of an ordinance
by 2/3 vote of the governing authority.
Proposed law provides that the police chief in Dodson shall be appointed by the mayor with the
approval of the board of aldermen. Provides that the police chief's term shall be concurrent with that
of the mayor.
Proposed law provides that the board of aldermen, upon recommendation of the mayor, shall
establish the salary of the office and shall, by ordinance, establish the duties, responsibilities, and
qualifications of the office. Provides that the mayor, in accordance with such ordinances, shall
supervise and direct the administration of the office and that the chief shall report directly to the
mayor. Also provides that the chief need not reside within the municipal limits of Dodson.
Provides for initial appointment upon expiration of the current term or other vacancy in the office.
Effective upon signature of governor or lapse of time for gubernatorial action.
(Adds R.S. 33:381(C)(35))