Abstract: Creates the Forest Oak Windsor Place Crime Prevention, Improvement, and
Beautification District in East Baton Rouge Parish. Provides for the district's boundaries,
purpose, governance, and funding, including the authority to impose a parcel fee.
Proposed law creates the Forest Oak Windsor Place Crime Prevention, Improvement, and
Beautification District in East Baton Rouge Parish as a political subdivision of the state for the
purpose of aiding in crime prevention and providing for the overall betterment of the district.
Provides for district boundaries. Provides that the district shall be governed by a board of
commissioners comprised of the members of the governing board of the Forest Oaks Windsor Place
Civic Assoc.
Proposed law provides for the district's powers and duties including the following:
(1) To sue and be sued.
(2) To adopt, use, and alter at will a corporate seal.
(3) To receive and expend funds from an authorized parcel fee and in accordance with an
adopted budget.
(4) To enter into contracts with individuals or entities, private or public.
(5) To provide or enhance security patrols in the district and to provide for improved lighting,
signage, or matters relating to the security of the district.
Proposed law authorizes the board, subject to voter approval, to impose and collect a parcel fee on
each improved and unimproved parcel within the district. Provides that the amount of the fee shall
be in a duly adopted resolution of the board and shall not exceed $175 per year for residential parcels
and $500 per year for commercial parcels. Provides that parcels qualifying for the special
assessment level of Art. VII, Section 18(G)(1) of the La. Constitution shall have a fee of 50% of
what would otherwise be imposed on such a parcel.
Proposed law provides that the term of the fee expires at the time provided in the proposition
authorizing the fee, not to exceed 10 years, but authorizes renewal of the fee for a term not to exceed
10 years, also subject to voter approval. Defines "parcel" as a lot, a subdivided portion of ground,
an individual tract, or a "condominium parcel" as defined in present law (R.S. 9:1121.103).
Proposed law provides that the fee shall be collected in the same manner and at the same time as ad
valorem taxes and that any unpaid fee shall be added to the parish tax rolls and enforced with the
same authority and subject to the same penalties and procedures as unpaid ad valorem taxes.
Requires the tax collector to remit to the district all amounts collected not more than 60 days after
collection, and authorizes the district to enter into an agreement with the tax collector to authorize
the retention of a collection fee, not to exceed 1% of the amount collected.
Proposed law requires the district's board to adopt an annual budget in accordance with the La. Local
Government Budget Act and provides that the district shall be subject to audit by the legislative
Proposed law provides that it is the purpose and intent of proposed law that the additional law
enforcement personnel and their services provided for through the fees authorized by proposed law
shall be supplemental to, and not in lieu of, personnel and services provided in the district by
publicly funded law enforcement agencies.
Proposed law provides that if the district ceases to exist, all district funds shall be transmitted to the
city-parish to be used for law enforcement purposes in the area which comprised the district.
Effective upon signature of governor or lapse of time for gubernatorial action.
(Adds R.S. 33:9097.32)