The digest printed below was prepared by House Legislative Services. It constitutes no part of the
legislative instrument. The keyword, one-liner, abstract, and digest do not constitute part of the law
or proof or indicia of legislative intent. [R.S. 1:13(B) and 24:177(E)]
HB 307 Original 2020 Regular Session Zeringue
Appropriates supplemental funding and provides for means of financing substitutions and other
budgetary adjustments for Fiscal Year 2019-2020. Provides for net increases (decreases) as follows:
State General Fund (Direct) by $0; Interagency Transfers by $5,860,216; Fees & Self-generated
Revenues by $25,662,511; Statutory Dedications by $20,975,000; and Federal Funds by
Additionally appropriates $53,450,952 of State General Fund (Direct) of nonrecurring revenue out
of the surplus from Fiscal Year 2018-19 for the Unfunded Accrued Liability in state retirement
Effective upon signature of the governor or lapse of time for gubernatorial action.