Abstract: Repeals provisions that establish the La. Military Hall of Fame and Museum within the
Dept. of State.
Present law establishes the La. Military Hall of Fame and Museum in Abbeville within the Dept. of
State (department). Creates and provides for a board of directors of the museum comprised of 13
voting members, seven of whom are appointed by the secretary of state and six of whom are elected
by members of the Friends of the La. Hall of Fame and Museum. Provides further with respect to
board membership.
Present law requires the board to:
(1) Meet at least quarterly.
(2) Call special meetings if directed by a written notice from the president or by a majority of
the directors or executive committee.
(3) Establish policies, rules, and regulations relative to operation of the museum.
(4) Advise the secretary of state regarding the museum.
(5) Establish and use a seal.
Present law authorizes the board to:
(1) Elect or appoint any person to act in an advisory capacity or as an advisory board.
(2) Form an executive committee or other additional committees as the board determines.
(3) Individually or in cooperation with any nonprofit corporation established to support the
museum, seek and expend funds to support programs of the museum.
(4) Contract with consulting experts in the fields of museum administration and conservation
and other such persons.
(5) Authorize reports and recommendations, including the publication and issuance of
Present law authorizes the department to include in its annual budget request a request for funds
sufficient to support the museum. Requires that funds appropriated for operation of the museum be
used for such purpose and in accordance with the budget plan developed by the board. Prohibits the
department from charging any administrative costs associated with placing the museum within the
Present law authorizes the department and the board to solicit funds and property either as loans or
donations and provides with respect thereto. Authorizes the museum to serve as the beneficiary of
any public trust created for such purpose. Grants the board authority of deaccession with respect to
any collection of the museum, and in case of such deaccessions, exempts the board from present law
relative to sale or disposal of surplus property. Requires board policies and procedures to carry out
such authority.
Present law provides that the board exercises all powers, duties, functions, and responsibilities
provided for or authorized by law in the nature of policymaking, rulemaking, regulation,
enforcement, or adjudication and all advisory powers, duties, and functions provided by law. Further
provides that the board, with the approval of the secretary of state, employs, appoints, fixes the
compensation of, removes, assigns, and promotes such personnel as is necessary for the efficient
administration of its powers, duties, functions, and responsibilities in accordance with civil service
laws, rules, and regulations. Provides that the secretary of state shall be responsible for and shall
have the authority to transfer or implement any or all functions in the nature of accounting, payroll,
budget control, procurement, data processing, and personnel management.
Proposed law repeals present law.
Effective upon signature of governor or lapse of time for gubernatorial action.
(Repeals R.S. 25:380.131-136 and R.S. 36:744(AA) and 801.20)

Statutes affected:
HB213 Original: 36:744(AA)
HB213 Engrossed: 36:744(AA)