Summary of Original Version

Create a new section of KRS Chapter 335B to require the licensing authorities of healthcare occupations to collect workforce participation data during the annual, biennial, or triennial licensure renewal process.

Summary of Amendment: House Committee Substitute 1

Summary Retain original provisions; require licensing authorities to report collected data to the Cabinet for Health and Family Services; add professional licensure boards as defined in KRS 211.332, State Board of Podiatry, and the Kentucky Department for Public Health in regards to community health workers to the licensing authorities required to report; require additional work participation information to be collected; create a new section of KRS 335.300 to 335.399 to specify that the board shall grant licensure to an applicant who holds an active license from another state to practice as an independent marriage and family therapist; EFFECTIVE January 1, 2026.

Summary of Amendment: House Floor Amendment 1 -- K. Moser

Summary Require additional workforce participation information to be collected regarding a licensee's race and level of fluency in any language other than English.