Summary of Original Version

Amend KRS 387.530, relating to determination of disability and appointment of a guardian or conservator, to create additional requirements for petition; amend KRS 387.580 to add specific findings to be made at a hearing; amend KRS 387.600 to make recognition of the respondent's power of attorney discretionary; amend KRS 387.620 to create additional requirements for petition; clarify procedure for an informal request; require jury trials to modify an order; specify that an order may include visitation arrangements and limitation of the ward's ability to enter into a contract; amend KRS 387.640 and 387.660 to specify duties of the Cabinet for Health and Family Services if that cabinet is a guardian or limited guardian; provide that the Act may be cited as the Conservatorship Advocacy to Remove Exploitation (C.A.R.E.) Act.

Statutes affected:
Introduced: 387.530, 387.580, 387.600, 387.620, 387.640, 387.660