Summary of Original Version

Amend KRS 304.17-316 to define terms; make technical corrections; prohibit cost-sharing requirements for any covered diagnostic breast examination or supplemental breast examination; provide for additional coverage if required under federal law; provide exemption to Health Savings Account-qualified High Deductible Health Plans under certain circumstances; amend KRS 304.17A-096, 304.17A-133, 304.18-098, 304.32-1591, and 304.38-1935 to conform; amend KRS 18A.225 and 164.2871 to require the state employee health plan and self-insured employer group health plans provided by the governing board of a state postsecondary education institution to comply with breast examination coverage requirements; EFFECTIVE January 1, 2024.

Statutes affected:
Introduced: 18A.225, 164.2871