Summary of Original Version

Amend KRS 164.7884 to define "proprietary school" and "qualified proprietary school program" and allow use of KEES funds for enrollment in a qualified proprietary school program; amend KRS 165.7879 to allow a student who attends an out-of-state high school or Department of Defense school due to a parent's military transfer to earn a KEES award if the student earned a base amount in a previous year at a Kentucky high school.

Summary of Amendment: House Committee Substitute 1

Summary Retain original provisions; allow KEES to be used for a workforce solutions training program offered by the Kentucky Community and Technical College System and approved by the authority or at an eligible college of art and design; define "approved workforce solutions training program" and "eligible college of art and design."

Statutes affected:
Introduced: 164.7884, 164.7879
Acts Chapter 67: 164.7884, 164.7879
House Committee Substitute 1: 164.7884, 164.7879
Current: 164.7884, 164.7879