Summary of Original Version

Create new sections of KRS Chapter 508 to define "hazing," "student," and "organization"; establish a Class D felony of hazing in the first degree; establish a Class A misdemeanor of hazing in the second degree; amend KRS 164.7874 to remove eligibility for a KEES scholarship if convicted of hazing; provide that the Act may be referred to as Lofton's Law.

Summary of Amendment: Senate Committee Substitute 1

Summary Retain original provisions; establish that any sentence imposed for hazing shall run concurrently with any sentence imposed under KRS 508.060 or 508.070 arising from the same act or occurrence; make technical corrections.

Summary of Amendment: House Committee Substitute 1

Summary Retain original provisions; remove mental harm from the definition of "hazing"; remove consent as a defense; remove amendment to KRS 164.7874; add a defense for hazing in the first degree for specified athletic events and trainings.

Statutes affected:
Introduced: 164.7874
Senate Committee Substitute 1: 164.7874
Current: 164.7874