A RESOLUTION commemorating the 125th Anniversary of Friends University in Wichita, Kansas.
WHEREAS, Friends University traces its roots to 1885, when the Christian Churches of Kansas voted to establish an
institution of higher learning, which was then named Garfield College; and
WHEREAS, Garfield College was named in honor of President James A. Garfield; and
WHEREAS, Garfield College opened its doors in September 1887 and closed in 1892; and
WHEREAS, In 1898, businessman James M. Davis secured the Garfield College building and immediately offered the
entire holding to the Kansas Friends, which paved the way to the reopening of the building and school as a Quaker school to be
named Friends University; and
WHEREAS, Friends University opened on September 21, 1898, with 53 students and 12 faculty members; and
WHEREAS, In 1901, the first class of graduates were recognized by the university; and
WHEREAS, The university continued to thrive, such that, by 1914, its enrollment population had grown to 450 students;
WHEREAS, Friends University operated as a Quaker institution until the 1930s, when governance of the school was vested
in an independent board of trustees; and
WHEREAS, Friends University continued to operate in a collaborative relationship with the Society of Friends; and
WHEREAS, Friends University continued to reflect on the Quaker founders' vision and values by focusing on offering a
transformational education that honors God and places special value on each individual; and
WHEREAS, From its inception, Friends University was one of the first higher education institutions in Kansas to admit
women and African American students; and
WHEREAS, Friends University recognized the call to meet the increasing needs of students by offering a new degree
completion program in 1985, which catered to adults wishing to complete their bachelor's degree while maintaining their busy
lives; and
WHEREAS, In 1986, Friends University further expanded its academic offering by approving two new master's programs;
WHEREAS, Friends University reaches students across Kansas by hosting classes in Wichita, Hutchinson, Dodge City,
Iola and Topeka; and
WHEREAS, Friends University also operates an education center in the Kansas City area and administers online programs;
WHEREAS, Throughout its history, the University has remained committed to its central core: The arts and sciences;
providing a holistic education for every student; and upholding the Respect, Inclusion, Service, Excellence (R.I.S.E.) values in
the learning community; and
WHEREAS, Friends University serves more than 2,000 students from over 43 states, two territories and 19 countries; and
WHEREAS, Friends University offers online learning with over 60 areas of study; and
WHEREAS, Friends University employs more than 682 Kansans as faculty and staff, who are committed to Friends
University's mission to instill in students the values of honoring God and serving others; and
WHEREAS, There are thousands of Friends University graduates serving people all over the world, be it as teachers,
executives, doctors, artists, pastors, technology experts and other professions; and
WHEREAS, Friends University is a significant economic benefactor to the State of Kansas, contributing $76.9 million in
economic impact per year and $5.5 million in state and local tax revenue; and
WHEREAS, Friends University lives its mission, in part, by preparing Kansans to serve the people in this great State: Now,
Be it resolved by the House of Representatives of the State of Kansas: That we commemorate the 125th Anniversary of
Friends University in Wichita, Kansas; and
Be it further resolved: That we commend Friends University for educating students and instilling in them with the values to
honor God and serve others.
House Resolution No. 6012 was sponsored by Representatives Tom Sawyer, Brian Bergkamp, Emil Bergquist,
Kenneth Collins and Joe Seiwert.
I hereby certify that the above RESOLUTION originated in the HOUSE, and was adopted by that body

Speaker of the House.

Chief Clerk of the House.