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Adam Proffitt, Director Laura Kelly, Governor

February 15, 2023

The Honorable Robert Olson, Chairperson
Senate Committee on Utilities
300 SW 10th Avenue, Room 548-S
Topeka, Kansas 66612
Dear Senator Olson:
SUBJECT: Fiscal Note for SB 154 by Senator Haley
In accordance with KSA 75-3715a, the following fiscal note concerning SB 154 is
respectfully submitted to your committee.
SB 154 would cap the amount of fees or charges included in a utility bill for a customer of
a board of public utilities at 15.0 percent of the combined charges for sewer, water, and electric
The League of Kansas Municipalities indicates that SB 154 would have a negative fiscal
effect on cities with boards of public utilities if they currently assess fees in excess of this bill’s
limits. The Kansas Association of Counties indicates that the bill could impact Wyandotte County
because it has a board of public utilities. The Kansas Corporation Commission, the Citizens’
Utility Ratepayer Board, and the Kansas Department of Revenue report that SB 154 would not
have a fiscal effect.


Adam Proffitt
Director of the Budget

cc: Lynn Robinson, Department of Revenue
Peter Barstad, Kansas Corporation Commission
Shonda Rabb, Citizens Utility Ratepayer Board
Jay Hall, Kansas Association of Counties
Wendi Stark, League of Kansas Municipalities

Statutes affected:
As introduced: 13-1223a, 13-1227, 13-1228