As Recommended by House Committee on
Corrections and Juvenile Justice

HB 2069 would amend a statute governing parole,
conditional release, and postrelease supervision to specify
that the service of postrelease supervision time shall not toll,
except as provided in the statute governing violations of
conditions of release.

The bill was introduced by the House Committee on
Corrections and Juvenile Justice at the request of a
representative of the Kansas Sentencing Commission.

House Committee on Corrections and Juvenile Justice
In the House Committee hearing on January 23, 2023,
representatives of the Kansas Sentencing Commission and
the Kansas Department of Corrections (KDOC) testified as
proponents of the bill, stating the bill would clarify how time
spent in jail should be credited when a person is an alleged
postrelease supervision violator who has been arrested on a
KDOC warrant and at the same time is awaiting trial on new
criminal charges.
No other testimony was provided.

*Supplemental notes are prepared by the Legislative Research
Department and do not express legislative intent. The supplemental
note and fiscal note for this bill may be accessed on the Internet at
Fiscal Information
According to the fiscal note prepared by the Division of
Budget on the bill, the Kansas Sentencing Commission
indicates the bill could result in a need for additional prison
beds, but the fiscal effect cannot be determined. The Office of
Judicial Administration and KDOC indicate the bill would have
no fiscal effect on their agencies. Any fiscal effect associated
with enactment of the bill is not reflected in The FY 2024
Governor’s Budget Report.
Sentencing; postrelease; jail time; Department of Corrections; parole; conditional
release; postrelease supervision; jail time credit

2- 2069

Statutes affected:
As introduced: 22-3722