As Recommended by Senate Committee on
Federal and State Affairs

SB 3 would designate Silvisaurus condrayi, a one-ton
armored ankylosaur that walked across Kansas during the
late Cretaceous period, as the official state land fossil.
[Note: The official state marine fossil, the Tylosaurus,
and the official state flying fossil, the Pteranodon, were
designated by 2014 HB 2595.]

The bill was prefiled for introduction by Senator Bowers.

Senate Committee on Federal and State Affairs
In the Senate Committee hearing, proponent testimony
was provided by Senator Bowers, Senator Kerschen,
Challenger Intermediate School students, a Challenger
Intermediate School teacher and an administrator, and a
representative of the KU Natural History Museum. The
proponents described how the fossil was discovered and
described the appearance and characteristics of Silvisaurus
condrayi. [Note: Challenger Intermediate School is in USD
265, Goddard.]
No other testimony was provided.

*Supplemental notes are prepared by the Legislative Research
Department and do not express legislative intent. The supplemental
note and fiscal note for this bill may be accessed on the Internet at
On January 18, 2023, the Senate Committee
recommended the bill be placed on the Consent Calendar.
On January 19, 2023, the Senate Committee reconsidered its
action and recommended the bill be passed favorably.

Fiscal Information
According to the fiscal note prepared by the Division of
the Budget on the bill, the Kansas Historical Society indicates
enactment of the bill would have no fiscal effect.
Silvisaurus condrayi; state fossil; land fossil; state symbols

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