Session of 2021
By Representative Xu

1 AN ACT concerning the governor's office; establishing the advisory
2 commission on Asian-American Pacific Islander affairs; composition
3 thereof; appointment of members; powers and duties.
5 Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Kansas:
6 Section 1. (a) There is hereby established the advisory commission on
7 Asian-American Pacific Islander affairs. The commission shall be advisory
8 to the governor and shall be within the office of the governor and a part
9 thereof.
10 (b) As used in sections 1 through 6, and amendments thereto,
11 "commission" means the advisory commission on Asian-American Pacific
12 Islander affairs.
13 Sec. 2. (a) The commission shall consist of seven members.
14 (b) Commission members shall be appointed by the governor.
15 (c) Members shall be appointed for terms of three years and until
16 successors are appointed and qualified.
17 (d) A person appointed to fill a vacancy that occurs prior to the
18 expiration of a term shall be appointed for the unexpired term.
19 (e) Not more than four members shall be members of the same
20 political party.
21 (f) Subject to the provisions of K.S.A. 75-4315c, and amendments
22 thereto, each congressional district in the state of Kansas shall be
23 represented on the commission by at least one member who is a resident of
24 the district at the time of appointment and the remainder shall represent the
25 state at large.
26 Sec. 3. (a) The commission shall organize annually by electing a
27 chairperson and a secretary from its membership. The commission may
28 adopt such rules of procedure as the commission deems necessary for the
29 conduct of business.
30 (b) The commission shall meet at least four times a year. The
31 chairperson may call additional meetings. A majority of members shall
32 constitute a quorum.
33 (c) Members of the commission attending meetings of such
34 commission shall be paid the amounts provided for in K.S.A. 75-3223(e),
35 and amendments thereto.
36 Sec. 4. The commission shall have the following functions, powers
HB 2113 2
1 and duties:
2 (a) Gather and disseminate information and conduct hearings,
3 conferences and special studies on problems and programs concerning
4 Asian-American Pacific Islanders;
5 (b) coordinate, assist and cooperate with the efforts of state
6 departments and agencies to serve the needs of Asian-American Pacific
7 Islanders especially in the areas of culture, education, employment, health,
8 housing, welfare and recreation;
9 (c) develop, coordinate and assist other public and private
10 associations and organizations with understanding the problems of Asian-
11 American Pacific Islanders;
12 (d) develop, coordinate and assist other public and private
13 associations and organizations to provide services to Asian-American
14 Pacific Islanders;
15 (e) propose new programs concerning Asian-American Pacific
16 Islanders;
17 (f) evaluate existing programs and proposed legislation concerning
18 Asian-American Pacific Islanders;
19 (g) stimulate public awareness of the concerns and problems of
20 Asian-American Pacific Islanders by conducting a program of public
21 education;
22 (h) conduct training programs for community leadership and service
23 project staff;
24 (i) accept contributions to assist in the implementation and
25 administration of this section and seek and enlist the cooperation of
26 private, charitable, religious, labor, civic and benevolent organizations for
27 such purposes;
28 (j) solicit, receive and expend federal funds to assist in the
29 implementation and administration of this section and enter into contracts
30 and agreements with any federal agency for such purposes; and
31 (k) establish advisory committees on special subjects.
32 Sec. 5. (a) The commission may appoint, subject to the approval of
33 the governor, an executive director who shall be qualified by education
34 and experience to assume the responsibilities of such office.
35 (b) The executive director shall be the administrative officer of the
36 commission and shall serve the commission by:
37 (1) Gathering information;
38 (2) disseminating findings of fact and other information;
39 (3) forwarding proposals and evaluations to the governor, the
40 legislature and various state agencies;
41 (4) carrying out public education programs;
42 (5) conducting hearings and conferences; and
43 (6) performing other duties necessary for the proper operation of the
HB 2113 3
1 commission.
2 Sec. 6. The executive director of the commission may appoint,
3 subject to the approval of the commission and the governor, technical
4 advisors and assistants to develop, assist and cooperate with local
5 organizations and associations on Asian-American Pacific Islander
6 concerns.
7 Sec. 7. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its
8 publication in the statute book.