Defines "child restitution order". Requires the court to order a person to pay child restitution if: (1) the person caused the death of a victim with a minor child; and (2) the person was convicted of: (A) operating a vehicle while intoxicated causing death; or (B) resisting law enforcement while using a vehicle and causing death or catastrophic injury. Provides certain factors for the court to consider when determining the amount of the child restitution order. Requires that the convicted person make child restitution order payments to the clerk of court and that the clerk of court has certain deadlines to deposit and remit the payment after receiving it. Provides that, if the convicted person is incarcerated, the court may allow not more than one year after release from incarceration for the convicted person to pay the child restitution order. Requires the court to offset a child restitution order by the amount of certain civil judgments.