Provides that a session of the general assembly shall adjourn sine die not later than November 1 of the year in which it convenes. Provides that the sessions of the general assembly are considered to adjourn sine die, by operation of law, on November 1 of each year, if the general assembly has not adjourned sine die on an earlier date of that year. Provides that the "prohibited period" during which campaign fundraising may not occur by candidates for election to the general assembly and for state offices ends on the earlier of: (1) May 1; or (2) the date the budget bill for the following budget period is approved by the governor. (Under current law, the prohibited period ends the day the general assembly adjourns sine die in an odd-numbered year.) Provides that, unless otherwise specifically provided by a statute to the contrary, an executive order issued by the governor expires 30 calendar days after the executive order is issued. Provides that a state of disaster emergency declared by the governor may not continue for longer than 30 days unless the state of disaster emergency is specifically renewed by a statute enacted by the general assembly. Provides that certain health orders issued by political subdivisions expire 30 days after they are issued. Repeals the statutes providing for technical sessions and the emergency sessions statute.

Statutes affected:
Introduced Senate Bill (S): 1-1-3-2, 2-2.1-1-1, 2-2.1-1-2, 2-2.1-1-12, 2-5-1.1-5, 3-9-2-12, 4-12-18-5, 4-12-18-6, 10-14-3-12, 10-14-3-22, 10-14-3-29, 16-19-4-10, 16-20-1-24