Provides that if there are no current or future obligations owed by the capital improvement board of managers to the Indiana stadium and convention building authority, tax revenue from the auto rental excise tax, the Marion County innkeeper's tax, and the Marion County food and beverage tax may be distributed to the excluded cities of: (1) Beech Grove; (2) Lawrence; and (3) Southport; and to the excluded town of Speedway. Provides that the distributions shall be made upon the basis that the population that each excluded city or town bears to the total population of Marion County. Lists permissible capital improvement projects that the excluded city or town may undertake with the revenue. Makes a conforming change.

Statutes affected:
Introduced Senate Bill (S): 5-1-17-25, 5-13-10.5-19, 6-9-8-3, 6-9-12-8