Effective January 1, 2024, repeals the Indiana Code chapter governing the licensing and regulation of money transmitters by the department of financial institutions (department). Adds to the Indiana Code a new chapter codifying the Money Transmission Modernization Act (Act), to take effect January 1, 2024, and to be administered by the division of consumer credit within the department. Sets forth provisions contained in the Act that address the following: (1) Purposes of the Act. (2) Definitions of terms. (3) Exemptions from the Act's requirements. (4) The supervisory authority of the department under the Act. (5) The licensing of money transmitters. (6) The acquisition of control of a licensee. (7) Reporting and records requirements. (8) Authorized delegates of licensees. (9) Refunds of, and receipts for, money received for transmission. (10) Prudential standards for licensees. (11) The enforcement authority of the department. (12) The application of the Act to licensees that have been issued a license under the current statute. (13) Criminal penalties. Makes conforming references to provisions in the Indiana Code that cite the current money transmission statute.

Statutes affected:
Introduced Senate Bill (S): 4-21.5-3-6, 28-1-2-30, 28-11-1-3, 35-52-28-10
Senate Bill (S): 4-21.5-3-6, 28-1-2-30, 28-11-1-3, 35-52-28-10
Engrossed Senate Bill (S): 4-21.5-3-6, 28-1-2-30, 28-11-1-3, 35-52-28-10