Requires the state police and the Indiana department of transportation to establish a pilot program for the deployment of a worksite speed control system to enforce a worksite speed limit. Provides that a worksite speed limit violation recorded by a worksite speed control system may not be enforced unless the violation is at least 12 miles per hour above the established worksite speed limit. Creates the worksite speed control pilot fund. Replaces the term "work zone" with "worksite" throughout the relevant statutes. Makes an appropriation.

Statutes affected:
Introduced House Bill (H): 8-23-2-15, 9-21-4-20, 9-21-5-11, 9-21-8-56, 33-37-4-1, 33-37-4-2, 33-37-5-14, 33-37-7-2, 33-37-7-8