Amends the requirements for a physician to provide office based opioid treatment. Requires an emergency department to annually submit to the Indiana department of health a substance use disorder treatment plan (plan) to initiate interventions with patients who have a substance use related emergency department visit. Requires the plan to provide an overall analysis and evaluation of the emergency department's ability to implement specified provisions. Provides that the services provided to a patient under a substance use disorder treatment plan provided to the department are considered to be medically necessary and reimbursable. Provides that the office of the secretary of family and social services shall require managed care organizations to consider services provided to an individual under a substance use disorder treatment plan as medically necessary in both an inpatient facility of a hospital and an emergency department. Removes the expiration of the laws concerning maternal mortality review. Provides that a practitioner is not required to obtain information about a patient from the Indiana scheduled prescription electronic collection and tracking program (INSPECT) data base or through the patient's integrated health record before prescribing certain medications if the patient is enrolled in a hospice program.

Statutes affected:
House Bill (H): 12-23-20-2, 25-26-24-19
Engrossed House Bill (H): 12-23-20-2, 25-26-24-19
House Bill (S): 12-23-20-2, 25-26-24-19