Defines "aggregate". Provides that a penalty for transporting a load in excess of the registered limit of the load for the transporting vehicle does not apply to a vehicle or combination of vehicles that transports aggregate if the weight of the vehicle with load does not exceed the gross weight limit and the axle weight limit by more than 10%. Provides for when the department of state revenue (department) may assess a civil penalty for a vehicle or load that is in excess of the legal weight or dimensional limits. Provides for the penalties the department may charge for a violation. Urges the legislative council to assign to the appropriate interim study committee the task of studying civil penalty assessments and the enforcement of overweight loads as it pertains to the impact on state infrastructure.

Statutes affected:
Introduced House Bill (H): 9-20-4-1
House Bill (H): 9-20-18-14.5
House Bill (S): 9-20-4-2, 9-20-18-14.5
Engrossed House Bill (S): 9-20-4-2, 9-20-18-14.5
Enrolled House Bill (H): 9-20-4-2, 9-20-18-14.5